The purpose of the discovery phase is to examine the goals of the business and come up with a strategy that will determine which services will provide the most value to attain those goals. This phase also includes a comprehensive brand audit and industry research. Once the challenge has been diagnosed and the strategy prescribed we can move forward with a focused plan of action.


In the exploration phase we will look at various style directions to determine the mood and overall aesthetic of your brand followed by the initial concepts of your brand identity. Concepts come by way of careful consideration and research into your brand and its market. These initial ideas will be rough and presented to you as early as possible in the creative process to ensure we are moving in the right direction. 


Once we determine the final concepts we will begin refining those concepts and apply the brand elements to various mockups to examine how they will function. The presentation will also include explanations of the thought process behind each concept. Once the designs have been reviewed we will continue to revise until the brand reaches its final state and all supporting deliverables have been approved and finalized. 


All final production files will be provided in their relevant file formats, along with style guides for larger branding projects. 

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